Paper Folding machines for Designjet printers

The  drawing folding  machine online solution are communicating with the printer in order to offer the best performance and integration.

These paper folding solution are connected to the printer and they are reciveng and sending several information as:

  • plot size, media type, fold program to set the package dimension output.
  • the printer status as: end of roll, end of ink  to manage automatically the recovery of print partially printed with a new plot printed and fold again.
  • The folding machine information sent to printer as: paper jam or folding machine not ready in order to automatically stop the print process without user attention.

The online paper folding machines are required when the daily  print volume is more of 500 copies

When the needs is to print and fold several documents per hours is strongly recommended to use a on line paper fold machine in order to get shortly the print job done.

Market type: all industry print room, print center  or print for pay.

online paper fold machine GF300

GeraFold 300

GeraFold 300 is a new A0 paper folder machine designed to provide a compact solution for all HP DesignJet series as: T1600, T2600, T2530 T2500, T1500  T1530, T920, T930 printers.

With an affordable investment the automatic A0 fold machine allows to manage internally the finishing process precisely and instantly, with the result of immediate cost reduction by eliminating the hard and expensive operations of trimming and manual folding of the documents

online paper fold machine gf500

GeraFold 500

GeraFold 500  is and online compact folding system for wide-format for the HP Pagewide XL 3900,4100, 5100, 5000, 4500 and 4000.
A minimal footprint a and a cost-effective investment for a productive folder integrated with the HP PageWide XL as an on-line system. There are 3 version where X stand autoamatic fan and cross fold process and S and speed to match the fasted printers

Butterfly Extra

The Butterfly Extra 3  is an online  paper fold machine  integrated to the HP printes series Designjet T7200 and T7100.

The paper folding machine is able to bend all documents printed automatically to final package size A4

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