Paper fold machine

The GeraFold 222 paper fold machine is an innovative solution for easily folding paper documents to A4 size for distribution and archiving. Designed specifically for R&D offices and print rooms, this high-quality paper folding machine can handle any technical and architectural documents with ease. It can fold any drawing perfectly to any worldwide fold standard, making it simple to fold large A0, A1, A2, and A3 documents into A4 packages for efficient distribution.

The compact and offline GeraFold 222  sets a new standard in the automatic folding machine market, thanks to its features such as unlimited plot length and a wide touchscreen with clear information. Our R&D offices have designed it with user-friendly installation in mind and a tiltable table for reduced footprint when not in use. It can handle color technical drawings, maps, and large format documents with ease.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a high-quality paper folding machine for technical and architectural documents, maps, and large-format documents, the GeraFold 222 is the perfect choice.

Paper fold machine Characteristics

The largest color touch screen enables users to customize their job and easily calibrate the fold package according to paper quality, resulting in perfectly folded documents without effort.

Key Features

  • Easy use and settings
  • All EU US Standard  folding styles
  • Self installation The machine comes fully assembled without the need for a service technician to install
  • Folding quality adjustment according to paper type
  • Video tutorials for installation and service procedures
  • High Fold quality with unlimited fold length.
  • Outstanding folding  precision.
  • Extremely reliable and quiet device
  • Simple  paper jam error removal
  • Copy feed adjustment speed
  • Stand with casters

Paper fold machine market

In summary, places where the print volume of large format documents is more than 10 per day require a paper fold machine. Such as Repro Shops, Architects Studios, Technical Department, Industry


Paper fold machine

Watch the GeraFold 222  paper folder and other GERA products on the YouTube channel.

If you want to introduce only once to get the A4 package immediately choose the Gerafold 424

Why us

Why choose Gera for your needs? With over 50 years of experience building, designing, and selling high-quality products, Gera is a trusted name in the paper folding machine industry. Our maintenance-free fold machines are specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers.

Additionally, the attention to detail in the manufacturing process sets our paper folding machines apart from the competition. Our commitment to quality mechanics and electronics and software design ensures that our customers have an easy time using and maintaining their paper folding machines.

For example, once you take the Gera paper folding machine out of the box, it is ready to work for several years and fold paper with precise, well-marked and crushed folds. Furthermore, Our paper folding machines are properly packed and do not require a technician to install, as they arrive fully assembled. Plus, the manual in your language and video tutorials accessible with QR codes will help you use the paper folding machine at its best.

Paper Fold Machine

Gerafold 222

paper folding machine


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Our strengths

  • GERA is designing, manufacturing and selling quality products around the world, over 10.000 units sold.
  • It should be noted that we ship the machine fully assembled eliminating the need to call a technician.
  • Also it does not require maintenance or updating by the user
  • In conclusion, we provide a quick guide customized for your language and video tutorials.

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