Gera is the specialist in Paper Folding Machine solutions for wide format documents.

GERA conceives, designs and produces for wide format Paper Folding Machine and XY cutters solutions.  Our paper folding machines fold any kind of document printed with different print technology.

Gera has a best in class approach, looking for excellence and extremely attentive to the evolution of the market in terms of paper fold equipment and technology.

Our products are ready to be used without installation and the need for a technical technician, just the power cable to connect and you will be ready to use.

The company has always distinguished itself for the capability to provide innovative, cost effective and reliable paper folding machine, understanding the need of a market in constant evolution.

Our compact technology & design are the element of distinction.

Our R&D has designed a unique system that allows handling on-line finishing in a minimal floor space thanks to an patented drying device for the inkjet prints.

The Gera paper folding machines are speed  synchronized  with the printer thanks a unique communication language.

The Gera paper folding machines  on-line and off-line are machinery designed to support professionals in their day to day work providing productivity and flexibility.

Please visit our product range page to find the solution suitable to your needs and discover why our product does not neeed anymore of qualified installation and service maintenance. Gera products are simple for enduser installation, repair and maintenence.

Our products

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