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  • 1) La Gera has been designing, manufacturing and selling quality products all over the world for over 52 years
  • 2) Folder designed to be shipped fully assembled so you don't NEED a technician
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Manual paper folding machine

The manual paper folding machine is designed to fold wide format documents and reduce copy length in panels  wide 21 cm.

With a small budget and a minimal space occupation, it’s possible to handle folding operations in-house, the hand levers movement helps users to fold wide format documents without the needs of electricity that make a perfect solution installed at site construction. GeraFold 100 it’s an ideal solution for handling the workflow of the small technical offices with small daily quantities of documents with required fold processes.

Functional and easy to use, this manual paper folding machine allows you to easily fold large format documents with the simple movement of your hands and also learning the use of the paper folding machine  without the assistance of a technician.

The choice of the right folding machine depends on several factors. If you fold more than 5 drawings per day, an electric folding machine would be a good investment,  less than 5 drawings per day, a manual folding machine may be a better choice.
In addition to the number of building plans that you fold, the type of paper, the size of the paper to be folded, the available space and the noise level are factors that you must include in your choice.

The GeraFold 100  it’s a paper folding machine able to fold  any type of engineering and architectural wide document printed by a toner , inkjet and blueprint print machine.

The manual paper folding machine is a mechanical system enabling the user, with a hand movement, to reduce document length to several panels of 21 cm width.

Main Characteristics

  • Easy to use
  • Easy user installation
  • Up to 2.5 meter fold length.
  • Does not require power
  • Stand built in

Market Segment:

Site construction and small architects studios and technical offices

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Gera has been manufacturing, designing and selling for over 50 years quality products that fulfill the main requirements of customers, well built manual paper folding machine with quality maintenance free components, properly packaged that does not require a technician for installation as it arrives completely mounted. Once out of the box, the manual paper folding machine is ready to work for years, silent with well marked and crushed folds, precise in the fold and with guides and video tutorials accessible with QR explanatory links.

Key Features

  • Best  warranty 30 days money back
  • End User product installation
  • Does not require power