GERA company profile

  • we made Paper Folding Machines with high fold quality 
  • 50 years of experience on paper fold machine, we are the expert.
  • It folds all type of drawings big and small  size  Others do not fold small formats as A3 and A4 or very long plot
  • Very silent fold operation, noise level only 58+62 dBa  Other products are noisier
  • Low power,  reliable and innovative electronic controls  Other products are designed with old technology board and with power consumption.
  • Our equipment are designed to be simple to install and maintain other products require high skilled technical engineer
  • Robust and well built machine we have customer with 25 years  old folders,  other products after 1 year, the folding quality degrades

Gera is green with our solar roof

We build your paper folding machines by using green solar energy see here 

Since 1969 Gera is the specialist in finishing systems for wide format printers and owns several patents including the one of the first folding machine registered by Mr. Garrone who is the founder and President.

Gera finishing solutions allow creating the most suitable production environment thanks to the wide range of finishers available for Architecture Engineering & Construction. Manufacturing, Infrastructure Mapping & GIS, Printing Services, Reprographic Services.

All products are conceived, designed and manufactured by Gera in Italy

The Gera plant is located in Turin and covers a surface of 5.000 square meters.

R&D department

Gera’s research and development team includes highly skilled professionals with proven competences in the design of hardware and software based on solid knowledge of the finishing needs and processes required for the new generation of wide format printers. The design is processed utilizing three-dimensional CAD-CAM software, fully integrated with the numeric controlled machines.

Production plant

Gera is organized with a full automated workstations as laser cutting machine, a punching machine and several bending machines for plate finishing.

The assembly, the cabling area and the testing zone are handled by experienced personnel.

The test room where every folder is tested with a printer and adjusted a before being packed.

The production process is handled to allow product availability within few days for the majority of the products and provide top service to the customers who can count on short delivery time.

Gera Service team provides experienced technical engineers supporting the end users and reseller. The Gera service team provides fre of charge  technical training for end user and reseller.

Gera Sales & Marketing department

 A team of qualified and experienced people helps resellers and end users in selecting the most suitable finishing solutions and provides support across the complete logistic process.

The Gera Show-room  is always equipped with the most up to date systems,  our showroom is available for demos and test please contact us.

Gera show Room