GERA Technical support

GERA procedure GUIDELINE for product installation, registration, assistance and maintenance.

All  GERA products needs to be installed by a trained or informed engineer unless is specified not required.

Actions required for product Installation:

  1. Read GERA  Installation instruction, product quick guide  and video before install date
  2. Check availability of all hardware keys wrench tools required by  installation procedure.
      • Printer  properly installed with drivers and submission tool
      • Customer with media type supported by the folder ( see quick guide)
      • System Installation space requirement  adequate
      • Minimum software  printer /drivers firmware software level
  3. Print folder test pattern Link

Actions required for product Registration:

  1. Once the product is installed, engineer must train operator on correct use and follow the quick guide sticker attached to the product.
  2. The engineer needs to make the folder registration in order to:
    • Ordering spare parts to GERA
    • Activate GERA Warranty
    • Activate  service ticket to Gera Service Team in order to escalate a problem
    • Access to service documentation

Local engineer or customer internal engineer can access to service documentations and video providing support for installation, use, maintenance and repair. Login and password are provided by Gera Service Team on request to access to reserved area or by default to engineers trained and certified by GERA.


Actions required for product Support:

  • Local Customer Service Engineer must identified the product problem with reference service manual section 3
  • Open a service ticket by filling the PRF form Problem Report Form with problem description and  how to duplicate it.
  • Plan following visit with GST in order to get remote assistance on site call by Skype or Teamviewer

Actions required for product Maintenance:

  • Customer Service Engineer needs to check product maintenance with reference  service manual section 6:
  • Check component worn and evaluate mileage for replacement.
  • Clean product  components from ink, toner  and paper dust.

Actions required for  Remote Support:

GERA provides 2nd level service engineering support:

by email , by phone, by IM as Skype and remote control by Teamviewer tools

Gera Service team working time

  • EMEA territory: Europe, Middle East Africa, (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Rome time)
  • North and South America territory:          (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM central time with GERA distributor)

Actions required to enter reserved area

  •  Customer Service Engineers trained by GERA can access to following information
    • folder firmware codes and release notes
    •  installation instructions and service documentation, user documentations.
  • To enter this section a username and password is required. If you do not have access, please send an email to Gera Service Team see contact page.

To Open a Service Ticket to Gera Service Team              Link to Register form : link

  1. Identify folder model by folder rating plate or  by configuration sheet
  2. Select area EMEA left or America reagion
  3. Select correct form:  Problem Report Form
  4. Fill all mandatory red fields, if not, the form will be not sent please wait thanks page to get confirmation of complete procedure.
  5. Before submit a PRF ensure folder registration form have been performed.
  6. Identify the problem using Section 3 in the Service Manual and report fold quality code on PRF.
  7. Provide problem description and how to duplicate it


 Remote assistance with  WhatsApp, Skype, Meet, Teams

  NOTE To submit the below pdf form PRF forms OS requires browser IE 9 and  Java enabled.