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  • GERA has been designing, manufacturing and selling quality products all over the world since 1967
  • SHIPPED fully assembled which eliminates the need to call a technician
  • ZERO maintenance or update by the user
  • QUICK guide customized to your language and videos tutorials.
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Drawing  map folding machine

GeraFold 205  is an innovative drawing & map folding machine for large format documents, able to fold wide project drawings as A0 A1 A2 A3 into final A4 pack dimension.
With a small budget and a minimal space occupation it’s possible to handle folding operations in-house and be able to face picks of work without allocating extra time to fold documents by hand.

Functional and easy to be used, this unique folding machine system allows folding wide format documents easily and precisely.

The drawing  & map folding machine for  architects and engineering studios is a plug & play product with bluetooth remote control for the fold panel adjustment from a minimum of 17cm to a maximum of 22cm.

The user instructions and the video tutorial help to quickly and easily acquire the operator’s skills.

Main Characteristics of drawing folding machine

  • Bluetooth connection to select fold patterns and panel adjustment
  • High fold quality up to 3.5 meter fold length.
  • Outstanding design and quality.
  • Latest Electronic logic technology
  • Extremely reliable and quiet device
  • Easy  paper stuck removal
  • option stand with casters and brakes

Market Segment:

Repro Shops, Architects Studios, Technical Department, Industry,

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Gera has been manufacturing, designing and selling for over 50 years quality products that fulfill the main requirements of customers, well built drawing & map folding machine with quality maintenance free components, properly packaged that does not require a technician for installation as it arrives completely mounted. Once out of the box, the drawing & map folding machine is ready to work for years, silent with well marked and crushed folds, precise in the fold and with guides and video tutorials accessible with QR explanatory links.

Key Features

  • Best  warranty 30 days money back
  • Full Customization of folding dimension
  • End User product installation
  • Purchase directly from the manufacturer


  • Easy bluetooth job set-up with your mobile phone or tablet
  • Full Customization of folding dimension
  • Video tutorials for installation and service procedures