How to choose the folding machine

How to choose the folding machine

Choosing the right paper folding machine for your copies can be complex, but by considering some key factors, you will be able to make an informed and safe choice. Firstly, it is important to assess the monthly print volume expressed in copies and linear meters. If you use more than three  paper rolls per month, it is certainly advisable to consider the purchase of an automatic paper folding machine like the  GeraFold 222.
Additionally, if you use more than 5 to 8 rolls of paper per month, you need to assess the costs of manual cutting and folding and see the most productive folding solution GeraFold 424 because with just one insertion you get the finished A4 package or because it is associated with a printer.

  1. Monthly print volume: As mentioned, assessing your print volume expressed in copies and linear meters is very important, just as it is important to understand if there are work peaks that make it necessary to print and fold a considerable amount of copies in a very short time
    • If there are few printed copies, the first step to approaching paper folding is a folder model that does not require electricity such as the GF 100, simple with no frills, it allows you to fold precisely and straight without being an expert. Excellent for construction sites where there is sometimes no electricity.
    • If the copies accumulate quickly under the printer, or the technical drawings are folded with the edge useful for ring binders, it is certainly worth considering the purchase of an electric folding machine with multiple programs. But the machine must be very easy to use by anyone, requiring no skills for installation, use and maintenance. Delivered fully assembled as the GeraFold 222 one of our best selling folding machine.
    • If, on the other hand, you print a lot or have voluminous projects, it is necessary to evaluate the costs of trimming white edges and manual folding carried out by your staff with high hidden costs and low office productivity. In this case, it is necessary to evaluate the more productive GeraFold 424 machine for folding drawings and large-format copies because, with a single insertion of the copy, the finished A4 package is obtained without the need to insert the copy twice.
  2. Types of drawings: it is important to consider whether you use drawings in color or with heavily inked images. In this case, it is necessary to choose a folding machine capable of handling these types of designs without damaging them in the fold. For example our machines have large size 75mm rubber rollers which do not break the paper, which erases the printed line, but press it well to get a flat pack.
  3. Drawing format: make sure that the folding machine is capable of handling A0+, A0, A1, A2 and A3 formats and that  it has a reference guide on the table capable of guiding even the most curved sheets. In this case we are the only ones to propose a particular guide which controls the sheet even if it is very rolled up allowing the introduction of the copy straight and consequently folded straight which is not easily obtainable with other products. Check your copy, lay it on a table with the design facing down, if the edges stick up a lot or tend to roll you need a Gerafold folder.
  4. Features and Functions: Finally, consider the user interface, Gera was the first to introduce a touch and interactive screen. Gera considers it important that the paper folding machine is equipped with a screen capable of displaying images and instructions according to the folding program and the error that has occurred. The GERA paper folding machine is the only one in the world that uses QR codes to guide the operator to GERA video tutorials, enabling quick problem solving without the need for a local technician and removing language barriers. In addition, the screen allows you to customize the folding settings by simply changing the size of the folded panel and the quality of the folding.

With these factors in mind, you can choose the paper folding machine that meets your unique needs and helps you optimize your business.

How to choose the folding machine

The large format drawing folding machine is designed to be used with all printing technologies

Printers have different technologies to print, here are the most important: toner, liquid ink, gel, wax and heliographic. The technique for fixing the lines on the paper can cause stress on the paper structure such as high electrostatic charge, high curvature of the paper, these can cause defects in the document folded. For example if the paper folding machine is not equipped with antistatic brushes and big roller diameter, the copy folded will result wiht wrinkles and with damage.

Choosing these drawing folding machines wisely must take into account whether they are designed to last for many years in order to protect the investment. Make sure you don’t need a local service engineer. In fact, Gera designs and builds paper folding machines to last over time without degrading the quality of the fold. Gerafold folding machines do not have clutches that other products have and therefore after many years they continue to fold copies as precisely as the first day. La Gera supports you for life with video remote assistance with your smartphone in your language.

The market for paper folding machines

Increasing attention is being paid to the sector of paper folding machines for large format drawings. These machines are used to fold engineering documents, graphic drawings and GIS maps. In particular, they are used to fold very long documents of large dimensions, such as those used in industrial engineering and civil architecture. Almost all Gerafold paper folding machine have unlimited fold length capability. However, it is important to note that these machines are not only used for folding long documents, but also for folding small documents such as A4 letters, A3 brochures or A2 maps.

Furthermore, the GERA paper folding machine can be equipped with an optional paper cutter placed above the machine body to provide the crop of the white copy.
The A4 folded package starting from a large A0 format is obtained in four simple steps:

  1. cut the head and tail edges of the copy 841mm wide
  2. fan fold the document length of the 1189 document into 6 panels
  3. trim the side white edges of the package just folded with the embedded cutter
  4. fold document width 841mm into 2 panels of 297mm + the rest

By doing this we have greatly reduced the trimming time because the length 1189 is easily performed by cutting 210mm with a thickness of 6 or 8 panels already folded.

Here are some reviews received on the paper folding machine:

London : 16/6/2022 John ⭐⭐⭐⭐  I was about to buy a two-pass electric folder  when I discovered the GeraFold 424 solution which allowed me to double my productivity as I introduce my long copies and in just one pass I get the folded copy in A4 format

Leads: 22/9/2022 Steve ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Thanks to the help of the Gera service team, I was able to clearly identify the problems in my printing center and improve  productivity with the new folder GF 222

Glasgow: 15/10/2022 Samantha⭐⭐⭐ Thanks to Walter’s phone call I was better directed to choosing a Gerafold 100 manual folding machine for my surveyor office rather than spending more on other electric solutions.

Folding large format drawings is often a very annoying operation to be performed manually as it requires a lot of time and poor results. However, the often low volumes of work have so far not justified the purchase of an automatic folder due to its high cost. But now this is no longer a problem! Gera solves your bending problems in a simple and professional way, fast and cheap, even with reduced overall dimensions. You will be able to insert your designs without any fear of damage and with the certainty of an impeccable result.

GeraFold 222 is the new high performance folding unit from Gera. Digital technology offers various possibilities for high-speed bending. It is the ideal solution to satisfy the requests of all graphic studios and service centres. The Gera folding machine is professional and allows you to process high volumes of folding efficiently. The Gera folding machine is designed for professional use, offering excellent service.

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