GeraFold 206 – 212 – 218

Professional wide format folding solutions

Gerafold off-line paper folders:

  • user friendly, reliable, precise and productive
  • perfectly fold CAD, Maps, Graphic documents to A4/A size

Discover the complete Gerafold desktop or freestanding series. Enjoy the new elegant line and features with:

  • trimming device option
  • intuitive touch screen
  • compact Italian design
Result of almost 50 years of Gera’s experience in designing and manufacturing of folding and finishing solutions.

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wide format offline folderGeraFold 206
Desktop folder designed to fold documents into A4 (210×297). With a small budget and minimal space occupation it is possible to handle folding operation in house and be able to face picks of work without spending extra time folding your documents by hand.

plegadora de papel, pleadora de planos,plegadora A0,GeraFold 212
Freestanding professional equipment designed to fold 8 styles including 2 Map patterns, tri-fold graphics at unlimited length at 12m per minute speed. Gerafold 212 represents the best price-performance combination for those organizations looking for a versatile solution Option: Trimming device

GeraFold 218 

Freestanding professional folding equipment designed to fold in 12 styles plus unlimited Map patterns. Unlimited copy length at 18m per minute speed. Gerafold 218 with extra large table (foldable to reduce space) and touch screen control, represents the best option for those who are looking for a versatile and highly productive solution. Option: Trimming device

faltmachinen, grossformat falzmaschine
GeraFold 218 Cut
Freestanding professional folding & Cutting equipment incorporating all features of GeraFold 218 and offering the possibility to trim documents in its standard configuration. A unique all-in-one solution which allows multiple job within the same space. Trimming Device: Standard

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One minute of practice to learn how fold your wide documents into a letter size in 10 seconds  

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