GeraFold 500 folder online HP PageWide XL

PageWide Folder GeraFold 500 XSAn On-line compact folding system for wide-format Drawings, Plans and Charts for the HP Pagewide XL  5100, 5000, 4500 and 4000.
A minimal footprint a and a cost-effective investment for a productive folder integrated with the HP PageWide XL as an on-line system.

The most compact on-line wide format folder line specifically designed to automatically fold paper documents matching the productivity of the HP PageWide 5100, 5000,  4500 and 4000 XL printers.
GeraFold 500 wide format folder solution for wide format documents is a program allowing several configurations and options.

Wide Format folder GeraFold 500X and GeraFold 500XS: Offer full on-line cross and fan fold as well as off-line folding
Wide format folder GeraFold 500 and GeraFold 500S: Offer full on-line fan fold onlyGerafold500 X

Key Features

Fold Styles: Wide selection of folds including DIN, AFNOR, ANSI, ARCH
Compact: Gera’s Compact technology avoids the need of a hardware bridge to handle different printer or folder speeds
Full on-line System: GeraFold 500 wide format folding machine is specifically designed to operate as an integrated system. The selection of a complete folded job can be handled from HP SmartStream software, the printer touch screen, the driver and the scanner.

Maximized productivity

  • On-line fully unattended folding system
  • Full integration with printer Hp driver UI
  • Minimal Footprint (Gera Compact Technology)
  • Folding process synchronized with printing
  • Bi-directional. Folding in-put from printer or HP SmartStream

Additional features

  • Intuitive touch screen with video tutorials
  • Large capacity of folded output
  • Off-line folding capability (GeraFold 500X and GeraFold 500XS)
  • Unfolded documents are stacked in the front of the folder
  • Unlimited length fan folding (option)
PageWide Folder Gerafold 500 details

The GeraFold 500 folding solution integrated with the HP PageWilde XL 5100, 5000, 4500 and 4000  printers is perfect for Construction, Engineering, manufacturing and POS or Chart / MAP Makers
Today Gera through its close collaboration with HP Inc. as an HP DesignJet and PageWide XL Gold Level Technology Partner, is able to provide the widest range of on-line folders for HP Large format printers. Gera registered the patent of the very first folding machine in 1969.

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