Paper Folders

On-line folder GeraFold 500 for HP PageWide XL

PageWide Folder GeraFold 500 XSA minimal footprint a and a cost effective investment for a productive folder integrated with the HP PageWide XL as an on-line system.
An On-line compact folding system for wide-format Drawings, Plans and Charts for the HP PageWide XL 5000, XL4500 and XL4000.

The most compact on-line wide format folder line specifically designed to automatically fold paper documents matching the productivity of the HP PageWide XL 5000, XL 4500 and XL 4000 printers.
GeraFold 500 wide format folder solution for wide format documents is a program allowing several configurations and options.

GeraCut 210 & 220 XY Cutters

XY Automatic Cutters GeraCut 210

New patent product  that automatically trims the four edges on a sigle step

Automatic XY cutter , trims the single-sheet edges

  • Automatic trimming of the 4 sides of the document in one operation
  • Highest accuracy without the use of cut marks and waste black ink
  • High productivity
  • Affordable investment
  • Very simple to use does not require  software rip and cut marks,  roll winder, no loss of time

Ladybird III & HP T3500

On-line folder for unattended low-cost use An affordable investment that allows the finishing process to be brought in-house thereby saving time and money. An ideal solution for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, mining, and public sector Professional folder designed and certified to operate on-line with HP DesignJet T3500 production [...]

GeraFold 206 – 212 – 218

• Off-line Professional folders with trimming device option
• Suitable for any need of finishing: CAD drawings, Maps or Graphics
• Pre-set programs or free folding set up thanks to intuitive Touch Screen control board
New design, rounded edges, elegant shapes and colors for a complete line of Desktop or Freestanding folders conceived for office environment

Main Characteristics

Innovative and smart copy alignment controls.
Paper Folder Machine with high fold quality unlimited fold lenght by module of 4 meters.

Market Segments

Repro Shops, Architects Studios, Technical Department