Butterfly Extra II for HP Designjet T7100 system

Folds large documents to a standard A4 size for easier storage and distribution

The Butterfly Extra II is a 36″ AO paper fold machine  integrated to the HP solution Designjet t7100 printer  to the scanner SD36  for copy, print and fold unattended operations. The Butterfly Extra II wide format finisher introduces patent technology enable the folder speed to be synchronized to the variable print speed and dried ink drops before the fold process; these are weakness of other solutions where is possible to have the folder tearing the copy or paste ink. The ease of use, limited footprint and the a complete integrated solution of printer, folder and RIP are now the best solution available in the market to handle large print jobs and improve the efficiency of the press center.

Key Points .. System 2014

 Fully integrated with Smartstream an HP professional software that cuts job preparation time by up to 50% enabling user to build a job queue with all fold settings ( download pdf )

12 fold programs remotely selectable by printer user interface in order to fold any wide format document into final A4 or A package size, full automatic Wide Format solution  able to print, scan and fold any documents with a simple click, no more paper  waste and print on wrong media roll.

Automatic error detection, automatic end of roll job recovery, bin full recovery. The folder stops print process  automatically in case of jam and error without extras as RIP and PC on site.

High folding quality even with full color images thanks to the dry embeeded folder system , powerful fold engine for high reliability and productivity,the  folder is extremely during the operation  only 59 decibel perfect for office enviroments.

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  • High fold precision for long plots.
  • Folds any documento as standard ISO,  ANSI, ARCH and Afnor or no standard
  • Finisher fold process extremely quite
  • Perfect fold quality over the time
  • Automatic cross fold for documents printed on roll 36″ 914mm 24″ 610mm
  • Able to process portrait or landscape document orientation
  • Excellent post sale and service centers in Europe and North America
  • Extremely reliable with lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Visit HP website page link
  • Visit Contex website page link
  • Visit SCP website for RIP page


Copy-shops, Engineering office , Print service

Other features

Innovative Design, capability to fold off line, fold also document with inverse title block corner

Simple to use, little space requirements and small costs make this paper folding machine the best solution to manage big print jobs and finishing wide format documents efficiently.


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