XY paper cutters and X trimmers

The XY paper cutters and X trimmers are designed to be used for any printer technology output, toner, ink, gel and diazo blueprints.

Gera products are paper XY cutters  with one fedd the machine cuts X direction lead and trail edge  and cuts Y direction lefty and right of the documents.
These X or XY cutters  machines are designed to last many years and used with several plotter and preserve the customer invetiments without to be linked to a specific printer.

XY cutters machines for large format documents

These cutters machine are able to cut  document printed on different media as paper, backligth, bluepaper, polipropilene, ligth banner and adhesive.

The document type can be Graphic prints, POP, Maps, poster, photos, signage etc..

 The onboard  X paper trimmer is an innovative option to add to Gerafold paper folding machine

Geracut 200  is a simple manual trimmer to place on top of the Gerafold series 212 and 218.

  • Trim paper weigth up to 250 gsm
  • Media paper, film,backlight, blueprint etc..

Main Advantages  XY cutters machine

  • Space-saving: cutting four edge of the documents without the needs of extra tables
  • Effective workflow: does not require a RIP to make a nesting of multiple poster with cut mark before to start the cut operations.
  • Profitable investment
  • Ability to cut a wide range of media
  • Precise, quiet and reliable.
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XY cutters GC 200

GeraCut 200

Stand manual Geracut 200 is designed to simplify  the process of documents printed with image that does not fit the document size and requires to trim the white four borders, Frequently the standard size as A0 wide 841m is printed on paper roll 914mm and the A1 size wide 594mm is printed on 610mm, with this printer it’s possible to remove the blank easily.

XY cutters GC 210

GeraCut 210

The XY cutter wide 36″ is designed to simply the job of white printer removal of poster and images size as 70×100  50×70  30×50  or wide up to 92 cm and  with any length

XY cutters gc 220

GeraCut 220

The XY cutter Geracut 220 40″ wide is very productive machine designed to simplify  the job of white edge posters removal with one single step on lead and trail edge X cut and left and right edge Y cut.