Technical Training

Top Class Technical Support 

Gera counts thousands of folding machines installed and supported around the world by trained technical engineers. Gera has been always focusing on providing the maximum confidence to the end user. FGera is a OEM major supplier first and through a selected international reseller network .

Gera has been always able to provide reliable products easy to be installed, used and maintained. Several video tutorial and quick guide are available to support the  technical engineer and end user.

The Gera training seminars organized in our headquarters in Turin are the most important support to acquire top class technical competence.

Gera  training seminars consist of:

  • Training sections handled by qualified Gera Technical Engineers
  • Workshop inclusive of theory and practice with course workbook, service manuals, folding and cutting quality adjustment details and hands-on exercises
  • Full technical documentation and updates on latest hardware modifications, adjustments and firmware codes
  • Top class training space equipped with the most up-to-date printing equipment

The main objectives of Gera technical seminars can be summarized as follows:

  • Provide a good tool to the reseller technical engineers to train the end user on proper use of the machines and address expectations correctly
  • In case of issues, reduce drastically the time of reaction by providing the correct description of the errors by going through a proper use of the installation and user’s manual
  • Improve the capability to communicate by phone and/or email

Please contact Gera Service Team to apply for the next training seminar: