Designjet  paper folding machine for technical and architectural drawings

Gerafold 300 is  a compact Designjet paper folding machine  for HP DesignJet  T2600 mfp, T1600 mfp printers

With an affordable investment is now possible to manage internally the finishing process! With a simple click your  large format documents are printed and folded.

With the GeraFold 300 paper folding machine you will no longer see prints laying on the floor and you can  increase office productivity.

Enjoy low cost operation and unattended first folding process and reducing the document length in several panels wide 21 or 19 cm. Once the job is completed it’s possible to feed again the first folded document to get the second cross folds 29.7cm.

The Paper folding machine is  integrated between the printer feeets and allows easy access to printer for easy replacement of paper rolls and to the scanner for easy document input for a copy.

Designjet paper folding machine  for CAD and GIS  drawings is able to provide copies folded withing a few seconds dependig printer speed.

The copy folding machine has been designed to handle colour documents folded in different pack dimension and is supporting document very long and wide up to 914mm or  36 inches.

Easy to be used and installed, silent, perfect for any technical department environment as construction, public sector, retail and enterprise.

The Gerafold 300 works also with other for HP DesignJet T3500 T2530, T1530, T930, T920

Main features Designjet paper folding machine

  • Compact folding machine integrated to printer  NO NEED of additional space.
  • The folded copy output can be selected by driver and by printer  user interface.
  • High folding precision, the paper fold machine can fold documents length of 4 meters.
  • Folding machine  handles document sizes as A0, A1, A2 and  A0+ 36″wide or non-standard paper roll
  • Technical drawings with colour images can be also folded quickly
  • Drawings printed on 914mm as well as 610mm can be cross folded to 297mm or 305mm dimension.
  • Powerful folder for wide format drawings provided with engines of unbearable reliability and silence

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Designjet paper folding machine

Designjet T1600 folding machine Gerafold 300
Gerafold 300 process

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