1969 – Vittorio Garrone founded GERA and registered the patent of his first folding machine

GERA imposes itself in the European market by providing folders for wide format printers, cutters and heliographic machines, In the 80’s GERA is supplier of products to Brunning USA and Ozalid. This close relationship generated strong expansion in USA through a distribution agreement with Ozalid/Gaf

In the early 90’s GERA opens OEM agreements with Océ van der Grinten N.V., Venlo NL first and then with Xerox Engineering Systems Inc Rochester N.Y. US. The close OEM relationship last for 12 years. (1994-2006)

The OEM relationship between Gera & Xerox includes constant development of new on-line folders conceived as integrated systems with the printer. All Gera machines are certified by Xerox and distributed exclusively through the organization of Xerox worldwide.

Free from the constraints of exclusivity with Xerox, Gera focus on leverage the internal R&D capabilities to design folding equipments on-line with other manufacturers of printers including Xerox, HP and Ricoh, bringing the solutions directly to market as GERA branded products

Gera is today a dynamic and innovative provider of finishing solutions with an extensive product line of on-line and off-line folding machines, XY automatic cutters and manual trimmers, launching every year new extraordinary products distributed by selected resellers in all major markets Worldwide