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Informazioni sul cliente

Nome Cognome
Città CAP
Telefono Fax
Modello piegatrice Tipo di cliente

Qualità del prodotto

t Design: il design dei comandi è facile ed intuitivo?
Finitura: definire qualità di assemblaggio e finitura ?
Difetti: definire livello di difettosità?
Qualità di piega: definire precisione e qualità di piega?
uso della piegatrice: dopo il corso o la lettura della guida di utilizzo definire la semplicità d'uso?
la piegatrice soddisfa le necessità: la precisione di piega e la velocità sono soddisfacenti ?
Interoperability: Does the product perform seamlessly with the printer controller?
Peripheral parts: Are all the detachable trays and guides functional?
Functionality: Rate the manual feed operation
Functionality: Rate the no fold by pass ( copy bypassed not folded)

Disponibilità / Consegna

Order lead time: Was the product delivered within your required timeframe?
Deliveries arriving on time: Was the product delivered on time?
Deliveries in full: Was the product delivered with all parts?
Stock availability: Was the product and/or spare parts in stock?


Brochure quality: Did the brochure represent product information correctly in a quality and professional manner?
Advertising: Was the product information accessible, easy to use, and understand?
Visibility : Did the website search engine allow easy access to product and company information?

Tech Support GERA Service Team

Courtesy: Did the Gera Service Team respond in a courteous and timely manner?
Competence: Did you feel that the: Gera Service Team was knowledgeable and competent?
Open calls: When necessary were call backs from Gera performed in a timely fashion?
Problem ownership: How satisfied are you with Gera Service Team taking problem ownership?


Tech documentation clarity: How do you rate service documentation for clarity and completeness?
Tech documentation:: Is the technical documentation correct and leads to a problem solution?
Operator manual Quick Guide useful: Are the Operator Manual and Quick Guide useful ?
Ease spare parts identification: Are the spare parts easy to identify on Service Manual ?

Parti di ricambio

Ordering spare parts process: Is the spare parts ordering process via web easy to fill ?
Spare parts quality: Spare parts fix the problem >95%=5, >85%=4, >75%=3, >65%=2, >55%=1
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