GeraFold 206

Off-Line Folding machine for wide format documents

GeraFold 206  Desktop folding machine designed to fold wide format documents into A4/A letter size A4 (210×297 (210×297).
With a small budget and a minimal space occupation, it is possible to handle folding operations in-house and be able to face picks of work without allocating extra time to fold documents by hand.

GeraFold 206 is an ideal solution for the handling of the workflow of the technical departments. Functional and easy to be used, this unique folding machine allows folding wide format documents easily and precisely.

A plug&play product. Simply follow the user instructions and the video tutorial to quickly and easily acquire the operator’s skills

Main Characteristics

  • Professional folder for wide format documents 
  • High level of folding precision
  • Quiet, designed to work in the office environment
  • Easy to be used (Plug&Play)
  • Reliable
Discover all functionalities of the complete GeraFold pro line range of off-line folding machines, visit GeraFold 212 and GeraFold 218
One minute of practice to learn how to fold your wide format documents into a letter size in 10 seconds  

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