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Customer informations

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Folder Informations

Serial number 9 digit Model
  Questions Yes/No Note
1 I verified the product delivery, the drop indicator Tip and Tell rule out damages along the transport and there are no mechanical damages stopping the installation
2 Did I completed the check list at the end of installation instructions and I verified the fold or cut quality?
3 Did I verified that the Installation Requirements about: Temperature 16° till 32°, humidity 35 till 85% , ground earth <1 Ohm, service space ?
4 I trained user / operator about hazard, warning operation and product hands on by using the the QR video tutorial and quick guide (NOTE: if the product is used from more than one user please indicate person in charge name)
5 Have I checked the paper type conformity: the roll core diameter, the weight and the curvature written in the operator manual?
6 Only for online products. Have I checked the minimum level of printer firmware, heights and distances from the printer required in the installation instructions?
7 Only for online products. Have I checked that the printer driver is properly configured according with Folder instructions?
8 Please rate customer feedback about the product after installation and instructions . rate poor or fair needs comment
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