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The most compact, productive and durable professional finishing solutions for wide format documents made in Italy

Gera is the specialist in finishing systems for wide format printers and owns several patents including the one of the first folding machine registered in 1969 GERA conceives, designs and produces finishing solutions for wide format printers such as automatic paper Folding Machine, automatic XY Cutters and manual Trimmers.  All solutions are made in Italy in the Gera facility of Turin. Gera has a best in class approach, always looking for excellence and extremely attentive to the evolution of the market in terms of printing equipments and technology as well as new finishing requirements. The company has always distinguished itself for the capability to provide innovative, cost effective and reliable solutions, understanding and often anticipating the need of a market in constant evolution. Gera Compact Technology is the element of distinction. In fact Gera R&D has designed a unique system that allows handling on-line finishing in a minimal floor space thanks to an innovative an patented drying device for the inkjet prints and the synchronization of the speed with plotters. All Gera solutions, on-line and off-line, are machinery designed to support professionals in their day to day work providing productivity, flexibility and smart tools. Please visit our product range page to find the solution suitable to your needs.

Wide Document Fold and Trim Machines for any needs

On-line folding machines are developed to operate on-line as an integrated system matching the productivity of the wide format printer:

  • HP PageWide XL
  • HP DesignJet
  • Xerox wide format printers
  • Fuji Xerox wide format printers
  • Ricoh wide format printers

Off-line folding solution: GeraFold pro-line program Off-line Automatic high productivity XY Cutter

Why choose Gera

  • 50 years of proved Competence.
  • Extended Market presence supported by specialized Resellers World Wide
  • Long lasting partnership with the key printers manufactures (HP, Xerox, FujiXerox, Ricoh) in the development of complex printer/folder integration projects
  • Proven reliability.
  • Top class Technical training and support

Service and commercial support

Finishing is an important process. If handled properly it contributes to provide maximum quality with minimum operation cost!. Please contact us for further information.