GeraFold 212 base & pro

GeraFold 212 Offline Folding Machine

Paper fold machine for large documents, A0 A1 A2 A3 folded to A4 size for easier storage and distribution

The GeraFold 212 is a new amazing wide format offline folder realized to optimize the user’s job who must fold the wide format drawing easily and with a low cost. The paper folder machine is able to fold any technical drawing perfectly to any worldwide fold standard.
Able to fold also A4/A letter size into 3 panels for mailing or advertise documents or A3/B size brochures into 2 or 3 panels.
This offline folding machine sets a new benchmark in the automatic folding machine market, adding functionality as fold length capability unlimited as first fold and up to double A0 thickness as second fold process.

The Gerafold 212 large format folder is able to process letter A4 or A size and is capable to fold heavy double colour brochures and maps.

GeraFold 212 – Characteristics

  • Innovative and smart copy alignment controls
  • High Fold quality unlimited fold length.
  • Outstanding folding quality and precision.
  • Engineering drawing folder machine with silent operation
  • Copy fold machine with latest electronic technology
  • Easy wide format A0 folder equipment simple to install and maintain
  • Extremely reliable and quiet paper folding device.
  • Easy to operate with 3 feed speed setup
  • ManualCutter (option)
  • Stand with casters
  • Exceptional price/feature ratio

Use GeraFold 212  to fold a letter, advertising leaftlet and trim your documents before folding them.

Wide format fold machine  a0 paper folding machine a0 size paper folding machine  automatic paper folding machine

Wide format fold machine a0 paper folding machine a0 size paper folding machine automatic paper folding machine

Market Segment:

Repro Shops, Architects Studios, Technical Department, Industry

Sehen Sie die neue GERAFold Funktionalität wie ihre Engineering-Großformat-Dokumente als doppelseitige farbige Broschüre falten 

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