Faltmaschinen fur Xerox

Butterfly fur Xerox 6705 und DW3035

Gera’s finishing experience has achieved a high level of customer satisfaction providing the smallest wide format system in the market with the smartest folding solutions.

This extremely compact finisher has been designed to be combined with:

6605 Xerox printer 5 A1/D min speed

6604 Xerox printer 4 A1/D min speed

Enjoy the enhanced benefits of an economic and compact folder that provides concurrent printing and folding during scanning

Target Market Segment

Repro shops ,studios, industry

Mondial B4 Xerox IJP2000 & DW842c

The Mondial B4 Folder is high -end solution with a bridge section able to provide extra functions as the the rotation table able to turn A2 /C size into short edge feeding or as the full unattended operations possible to achieve with the bypass drive providing good unfolded media collection and bin full detection that automatically suspend print process; all these features are built into a high quality finisher with excellent fold accuracy and great reliability.
The Mondial B4 Folder provides wide-format, automated finishing capability as an integrated peripheral to the XEROX 6279 & 6622

Target Market Segment:

Repro shops ,studios, industry

Main Features:

Designed for 4 rolls printers
Any title block position for non standard documents
Folds up to 6m long by 914mm wide prints
Amazing fold output capacity 150 A0/E
A2/C rotation from long edge to short edge
Low noise level
Low jam rate
Easy to operate and customize
EU & US folding programs for all 4 input document title block positions, free scan orientation
Simple and fast Installation
Exceptional price/feature ratio