Offline Folders

Gera Cut&Fold

Folding machines for large format documents (Graphic prints, CAD, Maps) combined with  manual cutter

Gera Cut&Fold is an innovative paper folding machine equipped with a manual cutter to allow trimming of documents while folding.

The A4 package is obtained in 4 simple steps as follows.

  • Trim the copy lead and trail edge
  • Fan fold the trimmed document
  • Trim fan-folded package side edges
  • Cross fold to obtain A4/A package

Main Advantages

  • Space-saving: cutting & folding operations are handled in the same area
  • Effective workflow: during the folding process, it is possible to cut the following document.
  • Profitable investment
  • Top level of productivity
  • Ability to fold a wide range of prints (graphics and CAD)
  • Unlimited fan folding and cutting operations
  • Precise, quiet and reliable

Available in two models:

GeraFold 206

Off-line Folding Machine for wide format documents

GeraFold 206  Desktop folding machine designed to fold wide format documents into A4/A letter size (210mmx297mm).
With a small budget and a minimal space occupation, it is possible to handle the folding operations in house and be able to face picks of work without allocating extra time to fold documents by hand.

GeraFold 206 is an ideal solution for the handling of the workflow of technical departments. Functional and easy to be used. this unique machine allows folding wideformat documents easily and precisely.

A plug&play product. Simply follow the user instructions and the video tutorial to quickly and easily acquire the operator’s skills.

GeraFold 212 base & pro

GeraFold 212 Offline Folding Machine

Paper fold machine for large documents, A0 A1 A2 A3 folded to A4 size for easier storage and distribution

The GeraFold 212 is a new amazing wide format offline folder realized to optimize the user’s job who must fold the wide format drawing easily and with a low cost. The paper folder machine is able to fold any technical drawing perfectly to any worldwide fold standard.
Able to fold also A4/A letter size into 3 panels for mailing or advertise documents or A3/B size brochures into 2 or 3 panels.
This offline folding machine sets a new benchmark in the automatic folding machine market, adding functionality as fold length capability unlimited as first fold and up to double A0 thikness as second fold process.

The Gerafold 212 large format folder is able to process letter A4 or A size and is capable to fold heavy double colour brochures and maps.

GeraFold 218

High productivity off-line paper folding machine for large format documents (Graphic prints, CAD, Maps)
GeraFold 218 is an innovative folding machine for large format documents with a large table that allows a constant flow of high-speed folding operation. The touch screen control panel, and the possibility to install a manual cutting device make the GeraFold 218 folder a unique tool.

Main Features
Maximum productivity, thanks to the large table designed to enable an uninterrupted workflow at 15 A0 / E-size / minute
Professional folding machine for small and large format documents in black and white and color.
Wide choice of folding patterns, styles and customizable programs according to the needs thanks to the touch screen control panel
Unlimited fan Fold operation
Cross fold up to 3 panels and thickness of up to 8 panels.
Manual cutting device for trimming documents (optional for GeraFold 218 standard for GeraFold 218cut).
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