Paper Folders

Gera Cut&Fold

Folding machines for large format documents (Graphic prints, CAD, Maps) combined with  manual cutter

Gera Cut&Fold is an innovative paper folding machine equipped with a manual cutter to allow trimming of documents while folding.

The A4 package is obtained in 4 simple steps as follows.

  • Trim the copy lead and trail edge
  • Fan fold the trimmed document
  • Trim fan-folded package side edges
  • Cross fold to obtain A4/A package

Main Advantages

  • Space-saving: cutting & folding operations are handled in the same area
  • Effective workflow: during the folding process, it is possible to cut the following document.
  • Profitable investment
  • Top level of productivity
  • Ability to fold a wide range of prints (graphics and CAD)
  • Unlimited fan folding and cutting operations
  • Precise, quiet and reliable

Available in two models:

GeraFold 500 folder online HP PageWide XL

PageWide Folder GeraFold 500 XSA minimal footprint a and a cost effective investment for a productive folder integrated with the HP PageWide XL as an on-line system.
An On-line compact folding system for wide-format Drawings, Plans and Charts for the HP PageWide XL 5000, XL4500 and XL4000.

The most compact on-line wide format folder line specifically designed to automatically fold paper documents matching the productivity of the HP PageWide XL 5000, XL 4500 and XL 4000 printers.
GeraFold 500 wide format folder solution for wide format documents is a program allowing several configurations and options.

GeraCut 210 & 220 XY Cutters

XY Automatic Cutters GeraCut 210

New patent product  that automatically trims the four edges on a sigle step

Automatic XY cutter , trims the single-sheet edges

  • Automatic trimming of the 4 sides of the document in one operation
  • Highest accuracy without the use of cut marks and waste black ink
  • High productivity
  • Affordable investment
  • Very simple to use does not require  software rip and cut marks,  roll winder, no loss of time

GeraFold 206

Off-line Folding Machine for wide format documents

GeraFold 206  Desktop folding machine designed to fold wide format documents into A4/A letter size (210mmx297mm).
With a small budget and a minimal space occupation, it is possible to handle the folding operations in house and be able to face picks of work without allocating extra time to fold documents by hand.

GeraFold 206 is an ideal solution for the handling of the workflow of technical departments. Functional and easy to be used. this unique machine allows folding wideformat documents easily and precisely.

A plug&play product. Simply follow the user instructions and the video tutorial to quickly and easily acquire the operator’s skills.