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Folder Informations

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  Questions Yes/No Note
1 Please verify if there are damages on the Folder body or in the internal frame; if damages are present, check if they are such as to obstruct free folding roller rotation. If YES is not possible activate warranty or technical assistance
2 Was it fully performed and verified the final Check List in the Installation Instruction (if present) ?
3 Does the environment (Relative Humidity and Temperature) meet the folder specifications? if NO please state condition and advise if folder is placed on carpet or insulating floor.
4 Was the Operator trained on the basis of the GERA documentation (Quick Guide, Operator Manual, training video, …)?
5 Was the system Configuration Checked/Updated? Controller,Printer , Scanner, submission tool.
6 Were the Scanner default settings performed and Save as Default Template
Save as default:
fold program,(only for Xerox system : title block and Intelligent Title Block Rotation) = ITBR untag.
7 Were the IOT/WEBPMT default settings performed and the WINDOWS DRIVER default settings performed?( For raster files like tiff, jpg,pdf ITBR must untag.
8 (Only for Mondial B3 B4 Folder) Was it necessary to disassemble the folder for delivery? If YES write what was necessary to disassemble. Write also time requested to complete the folder installation
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