GeraFold 350 & HP T3500

Gerafold 350 On-line folder for unattended low-cost use

An affordable investment that allows the finishing process to be brought in-house thereby saving time and money. An ideal solution for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, mining, and public sector

  • Professional folder designed and certified to operate on-line with HP DesignJet T3500 production MFP
  • Selection of 15 folding programs from the printer front panel,  EWS and HP SmartStream.
  • Automatic fan fold and guided cross fold
  • Maximum folding precision to support high volume printing at synchronized speed

This productive and compact ”all-in-one” solution is able to provide printing, scanning, stacking and folding operations within the same small footprint. The folder operates on-line and fits perfectly with the HP DesignJet T3500 Production Multifunction Printer allowing easy access to the scanner, stacker and replacement of paper rolls.

Both, printer and folder are placed on wheels, therefore the system can be easily moved without loosing alignement.

Fan folded documents are provided in real time synchronized with the variable speed typical of inkjet printers. Cross fold is obtained re-introducing the document into a specific guide

On-line System

Remote multi-users utility enables selection of a complete folding job from  the printer’s front panel, driver and HP SmartStream. The  bidirectional communication between printer and folder controls the system in case  of error and automatically  pauses the print process ensuring job recovery

Increase productivity with HP SmartStream. 

HP SmartStrestream for HP DesignJet Printers provides:

1) Folding area preview, image rotation to correctly fold and select folding style.  2)True PDF management: automatic detection of potential issues such as content in the printers margins . 3)Do jobs in 50% of the time thanks to advanced options like smart cropping of white area. 4)Total control across the printing workflow with accurate previews to ensure a correct folding. ( download pdf )

Innovative Touch Screen control

The innovative touch screen provides full guide to the operator  and represents a great tool for remote
technical support. An easy and intuitive system guides through user instructions (Video & Picture  operator’s guide)  and allows troubleshooting
providing  guidance for quick resolution (Video instructions for installation and service procedures).

Main Features Gerafold 350 for HP DesignJet T3500 MFP

  • High fold precision for long plots.up to 4m.
  • 15 fan folding styles to enable folding  any document as standard ISO,  ANSI, ARCH and Afnor or no standard
  • Finisher fold process extremely quite
  • Perfect fold quality over the time
  • Automatic cross fold for documents printed on roll 36″ 914mm 24″ 610mm
  • Able to process portrait or landscape document orientation
  • Excellent post sale and service centers in Europe and North America
  • Extremely reliable with lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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The folder operates online and fits perfectly with the HP DesignJet T3500 Production Multifunction printer allowing easy access to the scanner, stacker and replacement of paper rolls. 

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