Butterfly for Xerox 6705 and DW3035

GERA’s finishing experience has achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction providing the smartest folding solutions for the most  compact wide format system available in the market.
This extremely compact finisher has been designed to be combined with the following printers at synchronised speed:

  • Xerox 6705
  • FujiXerox DW3035
  • Xerox 6605, 6604,6204

Enjoy the enhanced benefits of an economic and compact folder that allows concurrent printing and folding during scanning

Main Features:

This compact 2 rolls wide format system with limited footprint requirements allows working with embedded scanner for copy, while print and fold process keep running at the same time. In addition:

  • Folds any documents: standard ISO, Ansi , Arch, AFNOR and no standard 
  • Large choice of EU or US folding programs, 4 input documents title block positions for free scan orientation
  • Folds prints up to 4 m long, longer plot will leave tail unfolded
  • Choice to folded long edge style A1/D – A2/C sizes
  • Silent operation, perfect for offices
  • Very low jam rate, no troubles.
  • Easy to operate and customize
  • Simple and quick Installation
  • Exceptional price/feature ratio


PLUS: Automatic fan and cross folder units integrated to fold any documents into A4/A size with single step folding operation.
BASE: Automatic fan folder unit. Cross folds (297, 11″- 12″) obtained by second insertion

Look at the video where you can see the whole Wide Format system composed of the GERA Butterfly folder, Printer Xerox 6705 or FujiXerox DW 3035 with scanner; a powerful, versatile and compact Wide Format system that can scan, print and fold in fully automatic mode. 

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