RIP workflow

Smartstream by HP

The Gera finishing solution are designed to be fully integrated with Smartstream an HP professional software that cuts job preparation time by up to 50% enabling user to build a job queue with all fold settings ( Smartstream pdf  datasheet) All the GERA wide format folders are recognized by the Smartstream software and enables user to modify all the folder settings remotely with online folders to Designejet and Pagewide printers. Fold programs are remotely selectable by printer user interface in order to fold any wide format document into final A4 or A package size, full automatic Wide Format solution  able to print, scan and fold any documents with a simple click, no more paper  waste and print on wrong media roll. Automatic error detection, automatic end of roll job recovery, bin full recovery. The folder stops print process  automatically in case of jam and error without extras as RIP and PC on site. Image with a few clicks to be able to print your drawings with 5 mm white border printed and folded perfectly .

Smartstream GERA folder supported: Ladybird III, Butterfly Extra III, Gerafold 500

GERA paper fold machine inline with other printer brand it’s possible to control remotely folders by using the GERA certified RIP

DEVSTUDIO  A perfect solution for mutiple user sharing in the network the wide format system, this software designed allows intuitively to get your copy trimmed with the drawing title block in the correct position for the folding process

Better quality: Easy and intuitive system to lay out, and rotate the technical design for an easy management of the printing and folding process according to DIN standard

More productivity: Fast RIP engine and easier interface for printers without postscript, pdf, jpg,tiff files or directly from the application as dwg,dwf,dgn etc.. Higher elaboration speed; good rendering of drawing features: width, halftones, fillings, images, color accuracy, etc. No memory limit for files printing, no lenght limit for printing (> 2.5 mt). – 1 HP Designjet t7100 Plotter- 1 hot folder (one print flow: rotation, justification, trim and folding) – 1 virtual printer for CAD applications (Autocad, Microstation, Solid Works, etc..) – 1 PC with control status and capability of the folder Create your rules, drag&drop your files and the print job will be automatically directed to the right flow.

Option Client Flow Manager:

Graphic interface for 5 users facilitates the creation of complex print queue con simple drag and drop; the user imports drawings in various formats, the RIP displays preview of the design in order to define: copies number, title block corner or drawing table, trimming required 0-10mm and folding program – style
30 hot folder (allows to configure 30 different printing and folding flows allowing to manage different drawing format with different drawing rotation: 0, 90, 180, 270°, trim of the white and margin from 0 to 10mm and define the folding style: NO FOLD, 190x297mm, 210x297mm etc..99 virtual printers (Windows & Mac) shared across a network.